A Platform for Translational Biomedicine

Dedicated to the discovery of novel medications and the development of approaches and technologies aimed at improving the discovery of new therapeutic drugs.

The Center for Drug Discovery at Northeastern University conducts multidisciplinary research, supporting its mission to:

  • Develop novel methodologies to improve drug discovery efficiency and success.
  • Discover new medications to satisfy important medical needs.
  • Train students and post-doctoral fellows in the art and science of drug discovery.
  • Collaborate extensively with the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and leading clinical centers for translational biomedicine.

The CDD houses over 60 student, pre- and postdoctoral, and faculty researchers with well-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories to conduct research in the fields of medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, molecular biology, cell biology, tissue culture biochemistry, behavioral studies, proteomics, metabolomics, in vitrocharacterization, in vivo profiling, chemical synthesis, biophysics, radiochemistry, and imaging.